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185 speakers
Mike Davis
Director of the Neuromorphic Computing Lab, Intel
Advancing neuromorphic computing from the lab to mainstream applications
Juergen Schmidhuber
Lab Director, IDSIA
Modern AI in the 1980s — 2030s
Michael Wooldridge
Head of Department of Computer Science, Professor of Computer Scienc, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
The Limits of Machine Learning
Ben Goertzel
Founder and CEO, SingularityNET
Vaulting to the Lead in the AGI Race via General Principles of General Intelligence
Laurens van der Maaten
Research Director, NY site head, Facebook AI Research
Security and privacy in machine learning
Francesca Rossi
IBM fellow and the IBM AI Ethics Global Leader, IBM
AI Ethics: from Principles to Practice
Mikhail Tsvetkov
Intel Technical Director in Russia, Intel Russia
Intel® xPU: architectural variety for AI workloads
Gurdeep Pall
Corporate Vice President, Technology and Research, Microsoft
The Allure of a Thinking Machine
Pradeep Dubey
Director of the Parallel Computing Lab, Intel
Virtuous Cycle of AI
Bryan Catanzaro
VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, NVIDIA
Large Language Models and their Applications
Stephen Brobst
Chief Technology Officer, Teradata and Instructor/Fellow, The Data Warehousing Institute, Teradata; The Data Warehousing Institute
Eliminating Bias in the Deployment of Machine Learning
Jean-Philippe Courtois
Eng. Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft
Inspiring Global Business & Economic Reset
Daragh Morrissey
Director of Data and AI at Microsoft Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft
The Journey to Responsible AI
Ruthy Kaidar
 Director Health Industry Sector Central & Eastern Europe Microsoft , Microsoft
Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Vladimir Kokh
Executive Director, Sber
Integrating artificial intelligence into the clinical practice: challenges and opportunities
Andrey Kurpatov
Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behavior, Sber
Human vs AI. What's in store for us?
Michael Hind
Distinguished Research Staff Member in the IBM Research AI department in Yorktown Heights, IBM
Аn overview of the pillars of Trusted AI, focusing on open source toolkits and open research problems
Natalia Efremova
Research fellow in marketing and AI, Teradata; University of Oxford
Future of marketing: leveraging AI for better consumer understanding
Anshul Sonak
Senior Director- Global AI Readiness, Global Partnership & Initiatives, Intel Corporation
Intel® AI For Youth, Global AI Readiness Program
Petronela Goel
Director — CEE Education Industry, Microsoft
Empower Education thru AI
Ed Newton-Rex
Product Director, TikTok Europe
Creative AI
Kim Pallister
Chief Segment Architect for Gaming at Intel, Intel
Ivan Oseledets
Full professor, Skoltech
Making AI robust and interpretable what we can do and what we can't (yet)
Anton Kolonin
Lead specialist, NSU
Data Structures and Languages for General Intelligence
Alexey Potapov
Head of AGI lab, SingularityNET
On artificial general intelligence definition once again
Sergey Shumsky
Director of the Scientific Council of NTI «Artificial Intelligence», MIPT, MIPT
On the way to AGI
Arthur Franz
Founder, OCCAM
Generalizing machine learning
Ivan Laptev
Head of scientific board , VisionLabs
Visual Artificial Intellegence: Promises and Challenges
Alexander Chigorin
Research Director, VisionLabs
On-device gestures recognition on SberPortal
Alexey Myakov
Chief CV Advocate, Internet of Things Group (IOTG), Intel
Democratizing AI (with a focus on Computer Vision)
Dmitry Goncharov
Senior developer, MTS
Classification of animal photos captured by camera traps
Anton Konushin
PhD, associate professor, head of Graphics & Multimedia Lab, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leader of Visual Understanding Lab, Samsung AI Center Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Deep learning models for interactive instance segmentation
Evgeny Frolov
Research scientist, Skoltech
Hyperbolic Geometry and Recommender Systems
Nikita Klimov
Lead Developer in the ASR Team of the NLP AI Center, MTS
SST: from 0 to production in 5 slides
Dmitry Popov
Product Development Leader, Speech Technology Center
Out of call center: new R&D challenges
Mihail Galkin
Senior Researcher, TU Dresden & Fraunhofer IAIS
Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs
Evgeny Burnaev
Prof., Head of ADASE group, Skoltech
Geometry of Machine Learning
Igor Kuralenok
Head of Machine Learning Services Yandex.Cloud, Yandex
New Approaches to Implementing Machine Learning: ML in the Cloud
Sergey Salikhov
First Vice-Rector, NUST MISIS
Quantum superiority
Alexey Klimov
ML developer, SberCloud
Distributed training of machine learning models on the Christofari supercomputer
Alexey Zaytsev
Assistant professor, Skoltech
Adversarial attacks: why there are dangerous for NLP models?
Alexey Zaytsev
Leading research scientist, CEO 01Mathematica education, Skoltech
How AI changes modern textbooks
Mikhail Burtsev
Head of Neural Networks and Deep Learning lab, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
From NLP to AGI: Multiskill Conversational AI
Anna Belova
Deep Learning Software Engineer, Intel Russia
Intel® OpenVINO™: neural network inference SW accelerator
Ivan Kuzmin
General Manager of Intel R&D in Russia Director, Product Infrastructure, Intel Russia
Intel® oneAPI for xPU: no transistor left behind
Olga Andrianova
Head of SW business and strategic partnership, Russia/CEE, Intel Russia
Intel® SW tools for AI
Dmitry Sivkov
Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel
Intel® SW tools for AI
Nikita Semenov
Head of Machine Learning Department, MTS
Voice as user interface — a new era in user interaction
Vitaly Milke
CDS of AI Competence Center, Bauman MSTU
Step-by-step features in creating AGI
Dmitry Dyrmovsky
CEO, Speech Technology Center
How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business. Real use cases
Olga Morozova
Director of the financial sector relations, ABBYY
Clients and data in banks. Business benefits of processing incoming documents, texts and requests
Maxim Panov
Assistant professor, Skoltech
Graph neural networks, Uncertainty estimation
Dmitry Makeev
Head of clients' analytics, Rubbles
How to reduce AI-projects' time-to-market in banking & finance
Dmitry Ruzanov
Managing Director — Head of the Center, Sber
AI safety in Finance
Maxim Sharaev
Research Scientist, Skoltech
Can we trust AI in clinics?
Denis Larionov
Head of AI Team, ROSATOM (Cifrum Private Enterprise)
AI platform for oncology data analysis
Dmitry Koroteev
Associate professor, founder and CEO Digital Petroleum, Skoltech
AI in oil & gas: between science and industry
Andrey Geltser
Product Director, Cognitive Pilot
Application of autonomous driving technologies in agriculture and rail transport
Yan Chizhevskiy
Head of business development at Rubbles, Rubbles
AI-assisted selection and optimization of engine oil formulations
Sergey Safonov
AI and data analytics research director, Aramco Innovations Moscow research center, Aramco
Artificial Intelligence in Upstream Oil and Gas
Mikhail Matveev
Director of the Industrial Automation Center, MTS
How to use data in an enterprise — the example of the case with the Mikron and Uralchem factories
Vera Adaeva
Director of the Center for Digital Development, ASI
AI for humans: social issue is just a World AI & Data Challenge
Andrey Neznamov
Analysis of practical and legal aspects of AI-related decision-making processes
Elena Suragina
Head of the group for regulatory support of the MTS ecosystem, MTS
AI regulation: where is the «red line»?
Anna Serebryanikova
President of the Big Data Assosiation, founder of nlogic, Big Data Association
Data usage ethics in various economy sectors
Alexander Fonarev
Co-founder; Chief Data Scientist, Rubbles
How to reduce AI-projects' time-to-market in banking & finance
Nik Spirin
Co-founder & CEO; Managing Partner, NeuroRetouch; Neuroinfra
Optimizing product photo retouching process for E-commerce and D2C brands with AI
Dmitry Chernous
Deputy Director for Consulting, ABBYY
Universal language modeling and semantic structure building as a basis for ML and Rule-based approaches
Sergey Zhukov
Business Consumption Director, Intel Russia
Intel® AI For Youth, Global AI Readiness Program
Konstantin Eremin
Direction manager, Sber
MASK and Masks
Yuri Baburov
CEO, ApRbot
Modern attempts to make an artificial brain
Dmitry Sviridenko
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, NSU
Towards a strategy for the development of artificial intelligence
Daria Borovikova
Assistant at the Department of Electronic Devices, NSTU, co-author of an innovative method for diagnosing psycho-emotional state by voice, Novosibirsk State Technical University
Voice-speech signal characteristics objectification
Rustam Mullyadzhanov
Anton Ektov
Data Science Leader, Sber
Development and training on the base of GPT2 a russian-language service for the synthetic generation of fully connected texts on various business topics
Fedor Mutiev
Senior Data Scientist of the competence Center «Forecasting and operational planning models», Sber
ML applications for common finance tools
Olesya Kolosovskaya
Head of AI Department, Napoleon IT
SKU and price image recognition for retail
Tatiana Zobnina
Machine Learning Systems Analyst and Developer (aka Data Scientist), Naumen
Moral AI: Is it easier to de-biasing AI systems than de-biasing humans?
Konstantin Ushenin
Head of Educational Program: Medical Cybernetics, Ural Federal University
Is U-Net a 'Silver Bullet' in Biomedical Applications?
Maxim Shcherbakov
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Computer-Aided Design and Search Engineering, Volgograd State Technical University
Proactive Intelligent Systems
Alla Kravets
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Volgograd State Technical University
Artificial intelligence: creativity and technical creativity
Sergey Nikolaev
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Skoltech Researcher, Director of Sayberfiziks, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, LLC CYBERPHYSICS
Adaptive management of production assets based on a combination of machine learning methods and physical and mathematical models
Roman Meshcheryakov
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Center for Intelligent Robotic Systems, Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences
Artificial Intelligence in Robotics: Predictive Analytics
Dmitry Korobkin
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Volgograd State Technical University
Automation of the initial stages of designing new technical solutions based on patent data
Sergey Levashkin
Prof. SamSTU, Head of the Research Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence PSUTI, Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics
Modern applications of artificial intelligence algorithms in business and manufacturing
Stanislav Varich
Anna Abrashkina
Direction manager\Data Scientist, Sber
Applied Artificial Intelligence.How to Detect Fraud
Vladimir Pirozhkov
Director of the Center for High Complexity Prototyping "Kinetics", NUST MISIS. Honorary Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Industrial designer, NUST MISIS
Near future trends. Artificial intelligence: prospects and risks
Sergey Tkachenko
Associate Professor, Сandidate of Technical Sciences,
Review of works on DS / AI of the Master’s program «Banking Technologies» at the Institute of Physics and Technology of the IKBFU named after Kant
Natalia Sibireva
Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region, Government of the Kaliningrad region
The use of AI technology as a tool of public administration for the purpose of a comprehensive analysis of the efficiency of using real estate objects
Alexander Tristanov
Head of the IIT Department, Director of the CDO of KSTU, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Kaliningrad State Technical University
Development of AI technologies as the foundation for the transformation of educational programs and scientific research at the KSTU: principles, approaches, problems
Oleg Petrov
Deputy Technical Director for Scientific Development, Speech Technology Center
Overlapping speech diarization: from clustering to Target-Speaker VAD
Alexander Anisimov
Data Science Leader, Sber
2 + 2 = 5: synergy of different data sources in the development of RecSys
Konstantin Turalchuk
Data analysis and parallel computing in educational projects at SPbPU
Alexey Raevsky
CEO, Zecurion
Using artificial intelligence methods in information security
Kiril Krinkin
Director of International Innovation Institute for Artificial Intelligence, ETU «LETI»
Real-time data streaming technologies for AI-based autonomous systems
Julia Epiphantseva
Head of Business Development, PROMT
Unlocking The Business Benefits Of Neural Machine Translation
Andrey Alekseenko
CEO, Teradata Russia
Retail of the future: ecosystem and AI-powered hyper-personalization
Nikolay Trzhaskal
Business Development Director of the AI Center, MTS
FinTech in AI era
Dmitry Markov
CEO, VisionLabs
Computer vision in the Sber ecosystem: products and solutions
Alexander Khanin
Сo-founder of VisionLabs, Head of the MTS AI Center, MTS
Human-centered AI
Mikhail Stepnov
Executive Director, Sber
Graph platform
Victor Kantor
Chief Data Scientist, MTS Big Data, MTS
Do we really need supervised learning in recommender systems
Tatyana Savelyeva
Product Owner, Yandex, Head ML group Yandex.Go, Yandex
How we make text and voice robots that cannot be distinguished from humans
Elena Khaustova
Senior Developer, MTS
DialoGPT for Dialogue Generation/ Yet Another Way to Use NLP Dataset
Valentina Larina
Retail & CPG Industry Director, EMEA, SAS Institute
Applying AI for assortment localization based on loyalty data
Andrey Khristoforov
Commercial Director, ITV Group
Video analytics vs COVID-19
Tatiana Orlova
Head of integration department, ActiveBusinessConsult
Worldwide experience in speech analytics. The best practices applied in Russia
Evgeny Grigoriev
Executive Director of the AI lab, Sber
NLP & Processes: Technologies. Trends. Integrations
Ivan Shanin
Voice Biometrics Expert, Media Algorithms Lab, Moscow Research Center, Huawei, Huawei
AI enabled Speech Analysis — Enhancement Techniques
Alexey Petrovsky
Audio Expert, Head of Media Algorithm Lab, Moscow Research Center, Huawei
AI enabled Speech Analysis — Enhancement Techniques
Nikita Varganov
Data Science Leader, Sber
DS-Template: building an ML-model «by button»
Alexander Ryzhkov
Sberbank AI Lab senior DS, AutoML group team lead, Sber
LightAutoML: opensource framework for automatic ML modeling
Sergey Markov
Chief of R&D in ML division, SberDevices
GPT-3 and other massive transformer models. Why the world will never be the same after?
Alexey Belkin
CDS of Finance Department, Sber
How we use ML to optimize accounting processes
Otari Melikishvili
Product Lead AI/ML, SberCloud
New tools for ML development
Nikolay Trzhaskal
Business Development Director of the AI Center, MTS
FinTech in AI era
Dmitry Dylov
Assistant Professor, Skoltech
AI platform for oncology data analysis
Maria Poptsova
Associate Professor, Head of Bioinformatics Laboratory, Higher School of Economics
Deep learning in genomics 
Dmitry Shushkin
Harnessing AI To Reset The Future: how to use technology for the benefit of society?
Alexander Zakharov
Head of Technical Account Managers Group, ABBYY
From purchase order to business strategy. How Process Intelligence solves the challenges of retailers
Huang Jin
Head of Strategy and Industry Development Dept, Cloud & AI, Huawei
Building an intelligent world together: Pervasive intelligence for all scenarios
Shenggao Zhu
Huawei Cloud AI Expert, Huawei
Huawei Cloud AI: a New Engine for Financial Intelligence Transformation
Mikhail Shpak
Russia EBG DTO, Huawei
Preliminary-AI in DC (iLossless packet DC network and Intelligent maintenance)
Alex Nevidomsky
Moscow AI Foundation and Algorithm Lab Chief Scientist, Huawei
On-device AI: Increasing The Intelligence In Huawei Smartphones
Alexander Vedyakhin
First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sber
Alexander Zarakovsky
Head of goods analytics, Rubbles
Good analytics and promo optimization empowered by AI
Alexander Zdorovets
Senior developer, MTS
Transformer Language Models in ASR
Roman Tikhonov
Senior Managing Director, Head of Model Validation, Sber
Managing ML models on the SberDS platform
Mikhail Kiselev
Head of the artificial intelligence laboratory, Chuvash State University
Neuromorphic artificial intelligence systems
Alexey Fedorov
Co-head Quantum AI Lab Cifrum - RQC, ROSATOM
Quantum machine learning in practical problems
Adrian Carr
Head of Marketing AI and Decision Science, SAS Institute
The journey towards customer journey optimization
Iain Brown
Head of Data Science for UK&I, SAS Institute Adjunct Professor of Marketing Analytics, University of Southampton, SAS Institute
Recommendation and Decision Support in Credit Scoring
Arina Ageeva
Lead Data Scientist, Sber
Ranking resumes and vacancies using hARTM
Dmitry Kiselev
Team Lead DA, Sber
The eternal student: how to check if RecSys can learn
Sergey Morozov
CEO, Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine
AI in diagnostics: Moscow experiment and practical use
Dmitry Kirzhanov
SAS Institute
Vladimir Averbakh
Managing Director, Head of the Data Research Center for government agencies, Sber
Federal Project of Artificial Intelligence: objectives and goals
Dwijendra Dwivedi
CXP AI and IoT Leader, EMEA, SAS Institute
Trustworthy AI
Yuri Trukhin
Head of cloud development #CloudsMTS, MTS
Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud: High-Speed ​​Computing for Medical Data Analysis
Oleg Dryupin
Senior Python Developer, Sberbank-Telecom
Lacmus. Finding missing people with Neural networks
Georgy Perevozchikov
Main CV Engineer, Mosoblgeotrest
Lacmus. Finding missing people with Neural networks
Mikhail Guschin
Senior Digital Transformation Lead, MARS
Good analytics and promo optimization empowered by AI
David Rafalovsky
Executive Vice President, Head of Technologies, Sber
Sergey Alyamkin
CTO, Expasoft
ENOT — AutoDL framework for neural network compression and acceleration for EDGE devices
Maria Mashkeeva
Commercial Director, Examus
Proctoring and user behaviour analysis via AI-algorithms
Artem Artemov
Kognitivnye Sistemy, Mashinist Data Labelling Studio
Hybrid Intelligence Technology for Data Labelling Tasks
Vlad Belyaev
Co-founder & CEO, — AI-powered knowledge base service for enterprise communications
Ilya Mirin
Director, FEFU, School of Digital Economy
AI as an inseparable part of computer literacy
Ovanes Petrosian
Key-project Research Engineer, PhDKey-project Research Engineer, PhD, Huawei, Saint-Petersburg Research Institute
Stochastic Algorithms for Intelligent Telecom Optimization
Sergey Khodakov
Skolkovo Tech Explorer Co-Director, Skolkovo Foundation
About the Tech Explorer Program
Sergey Dutov
Business Development Director, Skolkovo Fund
Global challenge — AI for SDG’s
Nanuli Popkhadze
Executive Director, Sber
Process Mining in Sber
Dmitry Umerenkov
Executive Director, Sber
Predicting Clinical Diagnosis from Patients Electronic Health Records
Marina Kirina
Deputy General Director, Center for Analytical Development of the Social Sector
Predicting Clinical Diagnosis from Patients Electronic Health Records
Ivan Maksimov
Expert, AI Laboratory, ROSATOM (Cifrum Private Enterprise)
Predictive analytics at an engineering plant
Vadim Filippov
CEO, Organization of cognitive associative systems
On the way to artificial intelligence the next generation: how and why?
Aleksandr Korekov
Data Science Executive, Sber
Process Mining in Sber
Aleksey Biryukov
CEO, Andata
Optimizing contextual advertising by 200% using ML
Yana Kovalenko
Project Director, Center for Digital Development of the ASI
AI for humans: social issue is just a World AI & Data Challenge
Gregor Strojin
Chair , Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI)
Work of CAHAI — AI based on standards on human rights, democracy and the rule of law
Jürgen Heissel
Director of the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, OSCE
Impact of artificial intelligence on freedom of expression
Martin Ulbrich
Senior expert of Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission
The European Union’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence
Tatiana Matveeva
Head of Presidential Directorate for the Development of Information and Communication Technology and Communication Infrastructure, Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation
Oleg Kachanov
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Oksana Tarasenko
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Eduard Lysenko
Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Moscow Government, Moscow Department of Information Technologies
Alexander Krainov
Head of Computer Vision and AI Technologies, Yandex
Andrey Belevtsev
CDO , Gazprom neft
Sergey Bolshakov
Corporate Affairs Director, Microsoft-Russia, Microsoft
Analysis of practical and legal aspects of AI-related decision-making processes
Karen Kazaryan
Chief Analyst, Russian Association for Electronic Communications
Analysis of practical and legal aspects of AI-related decision-making processes
Maria Saykina
Analyst, Russian Association for Electronic Communications
Analysis of practical and legal aspects of AI-related decision-making processes
Vadim Perevalov
Senior Associate, Baker McKinsey
Analysis of practical and legal aspects of AI-related decision-making processes
Maxim Fedorov
Vice President for AI and Mathematical Modeling, Skoltech
Global aspects of AI
Pavel Popov
Deputy Director General of the Research and Design Institute for Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation, Institute for Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation
Artificial intelligence in railway transport. New opportunities and risks
Petr Shkumatov
Сoordinator of the movement, «Society of Blue Buckets»
Moral machine?
Roman Dushkin
Director for Science and Technology, Artificial Intelligence Agency (Deecrypto LLC)
AI systems as a subject of law
Sergey Izrailit
Director of the Development and Planning Department, Skolkovo Foundation
Using machine-readable representations of regulation and ethical restrictions when dealing with sensitive data
Maxim Bashkatov
Head of the Legal Development Department of the CSR; Lecturer at the Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, Center for Strategic Research (CSR), Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov
Alexander Gusev
Development Director of the Webiomed project, Member of the Supervisory Board of the National Medical Knowledge Base, Webiomed
Artificial Intelligence Responsibility for Healthcare
Anna Grashchenkova
Director of the Unified Industrial Center for Intellectual Property, State Corporation Roscosmos
Legal protection of remote sensing data and AI-derived analysis
Victor Naumov
Managing partner , St. Petersburg office of Dentons
Artificial intelligence identification
Anna Abramova
Head of the Department of Digital Economy and AI, ADV Group, MGIMO University
Addressing AI ethics through codification
Sergey Leshchenko
Head of the project office for work with government agencies, Digitalization Unit, ROSATOM
Intellectual property law and AI
Nikolay Doroshenko
Nikolay Doroshenko, Product Portfolio & Industry Liaison Manager,, Gazpromneft - Lubricants Ltd.
AI-assisted selection and optimization of engine oil formulations
Automated Decision   Support & Scoring    Natural Language Processing    Computer Vision     Automated Decision   Support & Scoring    Natural Language Processing     Computer Vision     speech analytics
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