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November 11th
Day 2. Science and AI Technologies
Day Opening
Main stage
AI Cloud & Beyond
Main stage
AIRI Presentation
Main stage
Keynote Talks
Main stage
Geometric deep learning: from Euclid to drug design
Complex systems for AI
The most popular artificial neural networks
Automatic visual recognition: from pixels to machines that see, reason and act
Expert Talks
AI research stream
Building a server for AI deploy
AI based musical style-transfer
Discussion: «AI for Science, Science for AI»
AI research stream
AI for Science, Science for AI
Keynote Talks
Main stage
Scalable and Sustainable AI Acceleration for Everyone: Algorithms Train Billion-parameter AI Models on a Commodity CPU faster than Hardware Accelerators
Siri, Let Me Introduce Siri: The Connected Future of Artificial Intelligence
Deep Problems of Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning for Real-World System Optimization
Motion Prediction in Robotic Tasks
The Robustness of Deep Networks: A Geometrical Perspective
Geometry in Machine learning
Amazing qualities of the loss function relief in deep learning
Deploy and Run your Cloud Native AI Apps Anywhere
Sber Session
AI research stream
Multimodal neural networks ruDALLE + ruCLIP
Confidential computing & data preparation for AI models’ training
AI/ML product delivery. Easy road
Graphs as the way to boost your business though ML and otherwise
Digitize everything. SberOCR
Adversarial attacks on transactional models
The conversationalist: what lies behind chitchat in Salute virtual assistants family
Contrastive learning on event sequence data
Between interpretability and performance: Why we need GlassBox models
Python Library SberProcessMining(SberPM)
Mindspore platform for training neural network models
Training computer vision models in the Mindspore framework
Code generation technologies today: will we replace the programmers or solve the development problems?
Neuromorphic computing in fundamental research and application development of future magnetometry
Self-supervised learning for sequential data
Handwritten Text Recognition
DeepPavlov in 2021: From NLP Tasks to Dev Tools for Conversational AI
DialogFlow Framework: create a smart bot just in a few steps
Neural-symbolic integration: Scene Representation and Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
Learn Together, Stop Apart: a Novel Approach to Ensemble Pruning
Driving Business Success with Crowdsourcing: Practical Use Cases
RecSys RePlay Workshop
Technology sections
Challenges of training large-scale neural networks as a significant barrier on the way to Artificial General Intelligence
OOD detection
The Future of dialogue systems: new implementations of ruGPT-3
Emergent intelligence and distributed stochastic optimization
Technology sections
From Alexa Prize Challenge to DeepPavlov DREAM
Cross-Lingual Question Answering as Information Retrieval and Text Generation Task
Low- and No-code instruments for NLP tasks
Beyond Shallow Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs
Neural Entity Linking: A Survey of Models Based on Deep Learning
Intel: AI tools for developers
Technology sections
Accelerating inference for fast simulation at CERN with oneAPI
Intel oneAPI tools in SberCloud ML Space
Project Cable Checker & oneAPI tools
OpenVINO 2.0 — new NLP opportunities
Technology sections
Face Recognition Today: Recent Advances and Open Challenges
Video analytics for monitoring security in public areas from requirements collection to realization
Image Neural Editing 2021
ISyNet: Design of Pareto-optimal Neural Architecture for Computer Vision tasks on Neural Processor Family
3D Vision - depth estimation, depth completion and 3D detection
Neural Network Video Analysis of People's Movements
Technology sections
How to get bandits to the bank?
Mimicking attention mechanisms for fast and accurate sequential recommendations
Improving Long-Term Functioning of a Recommendation System using RL
OpenRecSys benchmark
Optimization of machine learning and graph analysis algorithms on processors with ARM architecture for Apache Spark clusters
AI in Russia
Technology sections
Langrange сharacteristics application in Pacific Ocean open water for short-term catch location prediction by airborne traps
Machine learning for pelagic fishing support in the Northwest Pacific
Why is it important to explain a loan decline to the client?
Automatic recognition of objects in images using the DLgram cloud service
AI: at the intersection of science and technology
Neuromorphic intelligent systems based on models of spike neural networks of the brain
Explainable AI: How to gain trust in Machine Learning-based solutions
Photonics for smart home and smart city
How to open the AI black box?
AI-based Optimal Control for Energy Storage Systems
MDMMT: Multi-domain Multi-modal Transformer — SotA Solution for Video Retrieval Task
Workout control
Does AI dream of evolution?
AI in Energy
Intelligent Patent Processing
AIRI Session
AI research stream
AI for Materials Science & Sustainable Energy
Computer-aided approaches for vaccine design
Using AI to interpret non-coding variants in the human genome
Ab initio AI
Efficient Deep Active Learning for Text Processing. The New Old Way to Deal with Annotated Data Scarcity
Technology sections
Open source AutoML benchmark
Pyboost: Research tool to explore gradient boosting
AutoML and deep learning for tabular data processing
FEDOT - open-source evolutionary AutoML for composite pipelines
Speech Analytics
Technology sections
Voice biometrics in uncontrolled conditions
Out of call center: new challenges for speech analytics
Voice Scoring. What can we get from dialogues with the client?
AI in telemarketing or a Robot that knows what you need
Using unlabeled data in speech recognition tasks
AIIJC Awards
Main stage
Day Closure
Main stage
Automated Decision   Support & Scoring    Natural Language Processing    Computer Vision     Automated Decision   Support & Scoring    Natural Language Processing     Computer Vision     speech analytics
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