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November 10th
Day 1. Society, Government, Business | ESG
Day Opening
Main stage
Panel session
Main stage

Strategic role and economic potential of technology companies in solving ESG and sustainable development tasks

Keynote Talks
Main stage
The Council of Europe’s work on AI issues
AI Ethics in Practice: Aligning AI with Human Values
AI increasing accessibility in surgery
Keynote Talks
ESG stream
How can ecosystems lead ESG transformation?
How AI is needed to support the human to make the world a better place by 2050
AI and Fintech to unlock sustainable development in Financial Services
Artificial intelligence and technologies for achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Keynote Talks
Main stage
End-to-End Big Data AI Pipeline for Scaling Distributed AI
Healthcare after COVID
AI to accelerate ESG performance
Data and Transparency: Keys to Sustainable Society
A Tipping Point For Enterprise AI
SARS-CoV2 vaccine development process, the role of artificial intelligence in optimizing S-protein design
Building AI innovation environment in China
How To Not Create a Beneficial AG
New ESG Reality in Banking
Digital twins for industrial processes
Crowdsource markup as a service
AI in HR processes and recognition tasks
Making Search: Fast and Furious
Save time and money: ML on Intel CPU for XGBoost and scikit-learn
Sber Medical Text Analysis Technology
Inference of ruGPT-3 on Intel Architecture: how-to
Prospects of smart cameras in the development of video surveillance systems
Program for the development of companies in the field of artificial intelligence
Conditioned Human Trajectory Prediction using Iterative Attention Blocks
CovarianceNet: Conditional Generative Model for Correct Covariance Prediction in Human Motion Prediction
AI and ESG: Solutions for Businesses
ESG stream
How the federal project "Artificial Intelligence” helps implement the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence
AI Ethics Section
AI in Finance
Business sections
Fintech AI trends 2022: WW and Russia perspective
SberHappyScore: how to use AI to build and digitize a customer satisfaction management system
AI environment and architecture for decentralized crypto finance
The Improvement of financial roboadvisors efficiency based on Interfax data on the issue of «business pulse» of companies
5 steps to democratized banking
AI in Healthcare
Business sections
Predicting COVID-19 and pneumonia complications from admission reports
AI-based predictive systems in cardiogenetics
Generating Mammography Reports from Multi-view Mammograms with BERT
Geometric Methods for AI-based Neuropsychiatric Diseases Diagnosis
Improving pneumonia segmentation with uncertainty estimation
Medical Digital Diagnosis Center: AI Algorithms to Create Commodity Environment for Doctors
Keynote Talks
ESG stream
AI outlook for ESG agenda
AI for Sustainable Development Goals and ESG
Artificial intelligence and priority goals for the climate agenda
Digitalization of the inclusive technology market
AI is Human Centered
Bias in Artificial Intelligence
AI in Industry
Business sections
iPavlov Smart Defect Detection System
SAC 2.0 — technology, product and future industry standard
AI applications in industry: Advances and Barriers
AIDrilling system for risk management during oil well drilling
Electrolyser State Monitoring
AI in Retail
Business sections
New frontiers of AI / ML in travel
AI driven geo-location recommendation service for a small business placing
Customer value management in retail in a pandemic era
How to create a well-tempered orchestra of digital employees
Auto Replenishment
AI for Social Good
Business sections
G. Simon’s Satisfaction Principle, Superposition of Choice Functions and the Search Problem
The Power of AI for Social Good
AI & Data technologies for solving global social problems
How algorithms make Yandex.Search hints safe
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good
Huаwei «Chinа AI Breаkthrough: Smart country»
Business sections
AI in Transportation
AI in Finance
AI in Smart City
AI in Cloud
AI Ethics Section «Laws of the Future 2.0»
AI Ethics Section
14:40 - 15:10   The ceremony of joining the Code of Ethics in the field of AI
15:10 - 16:00   Presentations by the world's leading experts in the field of AI
Responsible AI: Deep Coordination of Sustainable Development and Governance
The most pressing opportunity in AI ethics? The approach of basic human needs
On the way to trustworthy artificial intelligence
16:00 - 17:00   Debates. AI Rights: Pros and cons of obtaining AI legal personality
17:00 - 18:30   Ethics and regulation of AI: a conversation with scientists
AIJ Contest Awards
Main stage
Day Closure
Main stage
Automated Decision   Support & Scoring    Natural Language Processing    Computer Vision     Automated Decision   Support & Scoring    Natural Language Processing     Computer Vision     speech analytics
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