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International online AI contest during AI Journey 2020: sign-up still available

AI Journey Contest is an annual online competition for data scientists and AI specialists which Sberbank and leading technology companies have been holding since 2016. Its winners will split the prize pool of RUB6.8 mln.

This time, the challenge welcomes mature DS professionals and young people: there’s a special category called AIJ Junior to recognize the best solutions designed by schoolchildren. The first prize for adults and schoolchildren is RUB1 mln. Winners will be awarded during the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference (AI Journey).

Contestants can vie in three tracks:

  • Digital Peter, the first track of the challenge, uniting several AI technologies (computer vision, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs). Contestants are welcome to challenge for the prize when handling an educational task with a focus on history by creating an algorithm that would recognize the manuscripts of Peter I.
  • NoFloodWithAI is a special track with a social purpose, which Sber is holding with its partners. Contestants will be creating an algorithm to forecast the Amur river level in the short-term in order to prevent emergencies in Russian regions. Track results are set to be used down the road to reduce environmental risks and minimize the economic impact in the regions.
  • AI 4 Humanities: ruGPT-3 is a track for those who are well familiar with neural networks. It’ll let contestants learn about the promising ruGPT-3 technology that can generate extremely complicated texts that make sense after it gets just one query in a human language. For example, it can independently answer many of the basic state exam or the single state exam questions, as well as write a Java code after being asked it to “make an online store website”, come up with a business idea for new startups or write new popular science articles.

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“For Sber, AI Journey is more than an opportunity to present its AI solutions and discuss AI evolution issues with the world’s top experts. It’s also an opportunity to use AI in many areas with industry leaders. For us, this is also a way to find new AI and big data talent, a way to popularize new digital technology and demonstrate the range of issues this technology can deal with. AI Journey Contest is perfect for all that. I invite everyone to try themselves in the competition and wish you success. I am convinced that the contest will be useful and will bring a lot of positive emotions to all its participants, regardless of the results.”

AI Journey is the largest platform for obtaining up-to-date information about artificial intelligence and its application in Russia and abroad. The event is hosted by Sberbank in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign technology companies. In 2019, AI Journey attracted about 9,000 participants from all over the world and more than 150 leading industry experts as speakers, thus hitting the world’s Top 5 DS/AI conferences.

You can sign up for AI Journey events on

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