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Artificial intelligence development

AI Journey is a series of events on artificial intelligence and data science held by key international companies, leaders in AI development and application.
AI Journey Contest 2021
International online competition on AI and data science that brings together developers and experts around the world.
AI Journey Contest 2021 will include tasks of varying complexity
Fusion Brain Challenge
Total prize fund of the competition is over RUB 8 million (RUB)
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November 10-12
AI Journey Conference 2021

The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis AI Journey 2021 will be held online.

Representatives of international organisations, business, the scientific community and technical specialists will meet at one site. Participants will enjoy exciting speeches by recognized world experts in the industry, representatives of leading companies in the development and implementation of AI technologies in various areas of business and life.

Society, Government, Business | ESG
Science and AI Technologies
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November 12
AI Journey Junior

AI Journey Junior is an online conference on artificial intelligence for middle and high school students interested in artificial intelligence technologies.

The conference program is aimed at popularizing AI technologies among the younger generation. Leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of artificial intelligence and data analysis are scheduled to participate in AI Journey Junior.
An exciting program awaits: lectures, quests, open lessons and master classes on artificial intelligence.

Best AI solutions created by AIIJC contest participants will be presented in a special demo zone.

Demo zone
AI Journey Junior
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AI Journey Contest 2021

For adults

November 10-12
AI Journey Conference 2021
November 12
AI Journey Junior
Keynote speakers
Tom Gruber
Co-founder and CTO of Siri; Head of Advanced Development Group, Apple; Impact Advisor, Humanistic.AI
Tomas Mikolov
Senior Researcher, CIIRC CTU
Michael Bronstein
Professor, Imperial College London; Head of Graph Machine Learning, Twitter
Juergen Schmidhuber
Lab Director, IDSIA; Chief scientific advisor, AIRI (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)
Josef Sivic
Distinguished researcher, CIIRC CTU; Head of the Intelligent Machine Perception project; Director, ELLIS Unit Prague
Catherine Mohr
President, Intuitive Foundation
Michael Wooldridge
Head of Department of Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Hanan Salam
Co-Founder, Women in AI
Greg Lavender
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of the Software & Advanced Technology Group at Intel Corporation, Intel
Bjørn Berge
Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Seth Dobrin
Global Chief AI Officer, IBM
Ralf Haupter
President, Microsoft EMEA
Somdeb Majumdar
Director, Intel AI Lab (US)
Anshumali Shrivastava
Associate Professor, Computer Science, Rice University; Founder, ThirdAI Corp.
Ben Goertzel
Founder and CEO, SingularityNET
Xiuquan Li
Deputy Director, Research Center for New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development, Ministry of Science and Technology China
Marc Hamilton
VP for Solutions Architecture & Engineering, NVIDIA
Dr. Bertalan Meskó
PhD, the Medical Futurist, Director, The Medical Futurist Institute, WEBICINA KFT
Stephen Brobst
Chief Technology Officer, Teradata
Marcus Kennedy
General Manager, Gaming Division, Client Computing Group, Intel
Julian Togelius
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Tandon School of Engineering, New York University
Shukri Dabaghi
Senior Vice President for SAS responsible for Asia Pacific, Japan, Australia, Russia, Middle East & Africa
Jason Dai
Intel Fellow and Chief Architect, Big Data AI
Daniel Zhou
President, Huawei Eurasia
Ron Raffensperger
CTO Digital Transformation, Financial Services Industry, Global Financial Services Business Unit of Enterprise BG, Huawei
Yi Zeng
Professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mark Kroese
General Manager, Sustainability Solutions, Microsoft Environmental Sustainability
Mo Haghighi
Hybrid Cloud Build Leader - EMEA, IBM
Ambarish Mitra
Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Greyparrot
Patrice Amann
Regional leader Financial Services Industry EMEA, Microsoft
Konstantin Novoselov
Russian and British physicist. Nobel Prize laureate, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, International Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Co-chairman of the Sber Scientific Prize Committee
Stanislav Smirnov
Russian and Swiss mathematician, Fields Medal winner. Academic supervisor at the Department of Mathematics and CS of SPbU, Prof. at the University of Geneva and Skoltech, Director of the NCCR SwissMAP. Co-founder of the Sirius Educational Center
Konstantin Anokhin
Russian neurobiologist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Director of the Institute for Advanced Brain Research at MSU, Head of the Laboratory for Neurobiology of Memory at P.K. Anokhin Research Institute of Normal Physiology
Gonzalo Ferrer
Associate Professor, Skoltech
Mikhail Burtsev
PhD. Head of lab, MIPT; Scientific Director, AIRI (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)
Evgeny Burnaev
Associate Professor, Head of ADASE group, Skoltech; Principal Researcher, AIRI (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)
Ivan Oseledets
Full professor, Skoltech
Dmitry Vetrov
Head of the Centre of Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods, Faculty of Computer Science, HSE University; Principal Researcher, AIRI (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute)
Denis Logunov
Deputy Director for Research, Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology; Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, N. F. Gamaleya Federal Research Center for Epidemiology & Microbiology
Andrei Raigorodskii
Director of MIPT-School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
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