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Registration for AI Journey 2020 international AI conference now open

The Artificial Intelligence Journey (AI Journey) conference, one of the world’s biggest AI discussion venues, is scheduled for November 20–22, 2020.

AI Journey 2020 will feature an online exercise in AI, an international three-day online conference, and AI Journey Junior, a first-ever conference for middle and high school students interested in AI.

The key topics of the 2020 conference are: latest solutions in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, neuromorphic and heterogeneous computing, and many more. Among the renowned industry experts that have confirmed their participation are Mike Davies, Director, Neuromorphic Computing Lab, Intel; Laurence van der Maaten, Research Director, Facebook AI Research, NY Site Head; and Gary Bradski, President, OpenCV. Some 200 leading experts from in and outside Russia are scheduled to attend as speakers.

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank,

“In 2019, the AI ​​Journey conference became the largest artificial intelligence discussion venue in Europe and was ranked among the five largest in the world. It aroused great interest not only among professionals, but also among all those interested in this industry. We set the bar high and drew everyone’s attention to the topic of AI, its capabilities, and benefits to humans. I am sure that this year, in part due to the online format of the event, AI Journey will attract even more viewers. Over the past year, AI has made significant progress, and the focus of its application has changed in many ways due to the pandemic. At the conference, we will discuss these changes, their significance, and consequences.”

AI Journey is the largest platform for obtaining up-to-date information about artificial intelligence and its application in Russia and abroad. The event is hosted by Sberbank in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign technology companies. In 2019, AI Journey attracted about 9,000 participants from all over the world and more than 150 leading industry experts as speakers, thus hitting the world’s Top 5 DS / AI conferences.

You can sign up for AI Journey events on

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