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Artificial intelligence development

AI Journey is a series of events on artificial intelligence and data science held by key international companies, leaders in AI development and application.
October - November
Online Competition

for adult and schoolchildren

3-5 december
AI Journey Conference
5 december
AI Journey Junior
October - November
Online Competition

International online competition on AI and data science that brings together developers and experts around the world.

This time, not only adult DS specialists are invited to participate in the contest — the best solutions offered by students under 18 will be awarded in the AIJ Junior special nomination.

Win up to 1,000,000 rubles!
If you are still under 18 years old, but you already know how to program, take part and compete for a prize in a separate competition for schoolchildren.
3-5 december
AI Journey Conference

The international conference on AI and data science AI Journey 2020 will be held online in Moscow.

Participants will have three days of exciting presentations by recognized global industry experts, representatives of leading companies in the development and implementation of AI technologies in various areas of business and life.

Science day
Научные аспекты развития и применения искусственного интеллекта.
Business day
AI technologies application in society, business and at the state level.
Regional day
Выступления ведущих экспертов в области ИИ от Владивостока до Калининграда
5 december
AI Journey Junior

AI Journey Junior is an online conference on artificial intelligence for middle and high school students interested in artificial intelligence technologies.

The conference program is aimed at popularizing DS&AI technologies among the younger generation.

Leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of artificial intelligence and data analysis are scheduled to participate in AI Journey Junior.

First time in Russia
See firsthand what DS&AI world is like
at the international online conference
October - November
Online Competition

for adult and schoolchildren

3-5 december
AI Journey Conference
5 december
AI Journey Junior
Jürgen Schmidhuber
Lab Director, IDSIA
Michael Wooldridge
Head of Department of Computer Science, Professor of Computer Scienc, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Mike Davies
Director of the Neuromorphic Computing Lab, Intel
Joscha Bach
VP of Research, AI Foundation
Anima Anandkumar
Director of ML Research, NVIDIA
Ben Goertzel
Founder and CEO, SingularityNET
Laurens van der Maaten
Research Director, NY site head, Facebook AI Research
Michael Hind
Distinguished Research Staff Member in the IBM Research AI department in Yorktown Heights, IBM
Gurdeep Pall
Corporate Vice President, Technology and Research, Microsoft
Ivan Oseledets
Full professor, Skoltech
Evgeny Burnaev
Prof., Head of ADASE group, Skoltech
Mikhail Burtsev
Head of Neural Networks and Deep Learning lab, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Albert Efimov
Vice-president, Director Sberbank Innovation and Research, Sberbank; Head of Computer Science Faculty, NUST MISIS, Sberbank
Jean-Philippe Courtois
Eng. Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft
Pradeep Dubey
Director of the Parallel Computing Lab, Intel
Bryan Catanzaro
VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, NVIDIA
Stephen Brobst
Chief Technology Officer, Teradata and Instructor/Fellow, The Data Warehousing Institute, Teradata; The Data Warehousing Institute
Natalia Efremova
Research fellow in marketing and AI, Teradata; University of Oxford
Daragh Morrissey
Director of Data and AI at Microsoft Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft
Ruthy Kaidar
 Director Health Industry Sector Central & Eastern Europe Microsoft , Microsoft
Petronela Goel
Director — CEE Education Industry, Microsoft
Dwijendra Dwivedi
CXP AI and IoT Leader, EMEA, SAS Institute
Gary Bradski
President, OpenCV
Andrey Kurpatov
Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behavior, Sberbank
Huang Jin
Head of Strategy and Industry Development Dept, Cloud & AI, Huawei
Shenggao Zhu
Huawei Cloud AI Expert, Huawei
Gregor Strojin
President of the Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI), Council of Europe, Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI)
Francesca Rossi
IBM fellow and the IBM AI Ethics Global Leader, IBM
Jürgen Heissel
Director of the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, OSCE
Martin Ulbrich
Senior Expert in the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission, European Commission
Ed Newton-Rex
Product Director, TikTok Europe
Kim Pallister
Chief Segment Architect for Gaming at Intel, Intel
Alexander Vedyakhin
First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
Herman Gref
CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
David Rafalovsky
CTO and Global Head of Operations & Technology of Sberbank Group, Executive Vice-President, Sberbank
Olga Uskova
CEO, CognitivePilot
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