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Sberbank participates in world’s largest AI conference

17 December 2019

December 17, 2019, Moscow — Sberbank has presented its artificial intelligence projects at NeurIPS, one of the world’s largest conferences on machine learning and computational neuroscience. The bank’s AI and data analysis solutions have enabled it to become a conference partner, along with the global AI leaders, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Sberbank representatives made presentations on how AI is evolving at the bank and how it is being utilized across a range of its business processes. They also presented various NLP architectures, upgrades of gradient boosting, a popular machine learning algorithm, and shared detailed insights on AI solutions for planning employee schedules and a framework for the rapid development and commissioning of models. Sberbank also presented AI algorithms that allowed them to approach the creation of Artificial General Intelligence. At the end of the international AI Journey competition these algorithms passed a school exam in Russian getting a B for it. Intended to make AI more democratic, Sber.DS platform and its features were demonstrated at the bank’s conference stand, which invited participants to try out the platform and independently design a model for predicting ATM breakdowns.

With its iPavlov partner, Sberbank also unveiled the DeepPavlov library, an open source framework to create dialogue assistants, and presented approaches to tackling NLP issues via language models, state-of-art technologies to work with texts, and methods of training goal-oriented dialogue systems.

The Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) forum, one of the premier gatherings in artificial intelligence and machine learning since 1987, was held in Vancouver between December 8 and 14. Every year NeurIPS gathers thousands of machine learning and artificial intelligence professionals, who present the results of their research in AI and neural information processing systems.

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