Jürgen Schmidhuber
Scientific Director, Swiss AI Lab IDSIA
Ben Goertzel
Founder and CEO, SingularityNET
Andrey Kurpatov
Head of the Neuroscience and Human Behavior Lab, Sberbank
Bryan Catanzaro
VP of applied deep learning research, NVIDIA
Dmitry Vetrov
Professor, HSE
Evgeny Burnaev
Professor, Skoltech, Head of ADASE group
Arthur Kuzin
Head of Computer Vision, X5 Retail
Ivan Oseledets
Associate Professor, Head of the Scientific Computing Group, Skoltech
Alexander Fonarev
Founder, Rubbles
Arthur Franz
Founder, OCCAM
Bill Poucher
Executive Director, ACM ICPC
Alexander Kraynov
Head of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Yandex
Anna Veronika Dorogush
Head of Machine Learning Systems, Yandex
Marko Tkalcic
Associate Professor, University of Primorska, Slovenia
Cristiano Malossi
Research Staff Member, IBM
Dang Wenshuan
Chief strategy architect, Huawei Technologies
Arkady Sandler
Head of AI, MTS PJSC
Eugene Jugoslav Piric
Intelligent Cloud Advanced Solutions Director, Microsoft
Sergey Markov
Chief Information Officer, АВС
Adel Valiullin
Chief Data Scientist, Department of information technologies of Moscow, DIT Moscow
Sergey Irevli
Head of IoT Department, MTS PJSC
Ilya Romanov
Commercial Director, VisionLabs
Alexey Zaytsev
Head of Skoltech-Sberbank lab, Skoltech
Dmitriy Shushkin
Maxim Fedorov
Professor, Director, Skoltech Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering, Skoltech
Bakunov Grigoriy
Director of Technology Communications, Yandex
Alexander Karmaev
Vice-president for Communications, Group
Alexandr Smolenskiy
Head of AI Department, Zyfra
Pavel Dreyger
Chief Information Officer, Rusagro
Miskaryan Alexander
CEO, Russian Railways
Levin Kirill
Director of Research, Speech Technology Center
Grigory Sapunov
Chief Technology Officer, Intento
Nikolay Suetin
Vice-President on Science & Education, Skolkovo Foundation
Andrey Hrulev
Business Development Director, Speech Technology Center
Alexey Potapov
SingularityNET, head of AGI lab
Victor Portnov
Co-founder, Conundrum
Mihail Burtsev
Head of Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab, MIPT University
Dmitry Bugaichenko
Analyst engineer, Odnoklassniki
Olga Morozova
Analyst engineer, OdnoklassnikiDirector of the financial sector relations, ABBYY
Andzhey Arshavskiy
Head of The Data Development and Monetization Center, Gazprom Neft
Artem Seminikhin
Head of the Department of Scientific Industrial Research, IBM
Vladislav Lektorsky
Professor, Institute of Philosophy, RAS, Academician of the RAS, Academician of the RAE
Stanislav Vasiliev
Professor, Institute of Management Problems, RAS, Academician of the RAS
David Dubrovsky
Professor, Institute of Philosophy, RAS
Vladimir Budanov
Professor, MSU, Institute of Philosophy, RAS
Vladimir Mironov
Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, MSU; corresponding member of the RAS
Andrey Alekseev
Director, Center of philosophical research in AI
Sergey Pereslegin
Scientific Director, «Knowledge reactor»
Albert Efimov
Head of Robotics Lab, Sberbank
Zabihifar Seyedhassan
ML-researcher, Robotics Lab, Sberbank
Mikhail Vladimirov
Area Manager, Robotics Lab, Sberbank
Aleksandr I. Panov
Senior researcher , Artificial Intelligence Research Institute Laboratory head, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Olga Uskova
Cognitive tech
Andrey Murashov
Head of Machine Learning Group, Group

The list of speakers is preliminary and can be changed

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