The key focus of the AI Journey 2019 competition is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

The competition purpose is to approach to the creation of AGI and the algorithms that are able to learn and to pass the exam tests of various difficulty level


The idea of the competition is to develop an algorithm that can successfully answer questions and pass examination test based on information from publicly available data sources.

Participants are provided with test examples that can be used for validation and model learning.

Competition solutions are sent to the automatic testing system and evaluated on the hidden set of questions.


The solution is an archive with code that runs in the Docker container environment.

Archive format description is available on the platform.

Competition Rules
Total prize fund is 3 000 000 roubles!
1 000 000 ₽
500 000 ₽
300 000 ₽
200 000 ₽
100 000 ₽
Besides, two best solutions — winners in the special nominations will be awarded with 150 000 roubles
How to take part in AI Journey Competition?

Sign up for this competition with registration form

Develop your solution Submit your solution and see how it ranks among others

Solutions can be submitted again

Is participation free?


Registration and participation are free

Is this competition solo or teams are allowed?

Participants are allowed to team up

Each team will have no more than four players

All team members must be registered and indicated in team on the platform

Could I join some time later?

Yes, solution submission will be available until 27th October 23:59:59 (UTC+3) incl

When can I choose these final submits?

Choosing final submits will be available for participants from 4th September to 23:59:59 27th October (UTC+3)

When will the winners be selected?

TOP 10 winners will be defined and announced on the web site up to 23:59:59 4th November (UTC+3)

Who are eligible to participate in AI Journey competition?

All participants having reached the age of 18 who agreed with Rules and built a solution according to the description

What are the prizes?

First place — 1 000 000 RUB, second place 500 000 RUB, third place 300 000 RUB, fourth and fifth places 200 000 RUB, sixth to tenth places 100 000 RUB

Moreover top two public solutions will be awarded 150 000 RUB

Are people from other countries eligible to participate?

Yes they are eligible

Citizens of any country in the world are allowed to participate without restrictions

When does the registration begin?

AI Journey competition runs from September 4 to October 27

Registration and solution submission will be available until 27th October 23:59:59 (UTC+3) incl

Do participants have to choose their final submits?


Every participant should choose up to 2 solutions which will be scored for final evaluation

The best score of these 2 solutions will be the final result of a participant

What are the solution evaluation criteria?

Solutions are evaluated automatically, based on the launch on closed test data, and their comparison with the true labels, available only to the organizers

The task rating is calculated online and updated in real time

Will there be any award ceremony?


The award ceremony will take place on November 9 in Moscow during AI Journey Conference

Winners of the special nomination will also be announced and awarded on the event

Does AI Journey have participation constrains?

Does AI Journey have participation constrains?Participation is not allowed for those who have direct or indirect relation to competition preparation of tasks and data by the organizers

Participants under these constraints who agreed with Rules could submit solutions but are not eligible for monetary prizes

AIJ 2020

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